The monastery and the Cistercien system at Clairvaux (CLICK HERE);

The memorial and museum on Charles de Gaulle at Colombey des deux Eglises (CLICK HERE);

The fun parc Nigloland at Dolancourt (CLICK HERE);

The 11th century castle at Chacenay (CLICK HERE);

The only castle with vineyards at Bligny (CLICK HERE);

The cristal factory and museum at Bayel (CLICK HERE);

Troyes and its many interesting museums (CLICK HERE);

The regional parc and lakes of the national parc d’Orient for pleasure and nature (CLICK HERE).

Bar-sur-Aube has a history of her own through her

stories and stones.

There is the nice walk through her narrow medieval

streets called “la route de la Paume”.

Also around Bar-sur-Aube there are interesting

sites to visit, such as (CLICK on RELATED SITES for

more information):