The Gauls were here and the Romans, who brought the wine. Their successors the Goths and the Vandals followed.

In the Middle Ages the Cistercien monks from Clairvaux, brought prosperity to Bar-sur-Aube and Europe.

Markets of a true European dimension were developping and trading was lively.

And the roads remained safe for travelling.

The Middle Ages followed by the Renaissance, have left behind a wealth in history and property, that can still be seen today.

Bar-sur-Aube’s legacy of the 19th and 20th CENTURY.

This walled city was perfectly positioned on the crossroads from North – Flanders to South – Italie

and from East – Germany to West – England and her roads were well protected by the counts of the Champagne and Burgundy. Consequently Bar-sur-Aube has always been important for its trading and its commerce.