There are 5000+ inhabitants.

In our days the metallurgic industries have lost the game through competition, like the textiles.

Man-made things do not easily have eternal life.

Only nature remains eternal and we have it in abundance.

Even in our 21st century, there are woods, meadows, vineyards, flora, fauna, air and water, roads and tranquil tracks to enjoy.

How to continue and to enjoy all this beauty time will tell.

These 5000 + inhabitants still have a lot to offer.

An old Ursuline convent for a city hall, 16th and 17the century houses, a tourist information, 3 hotels, wonderful pastry shops, a chocolate shop, fine restaurants, a hospital service, a vice governor, internetshops, a wifi cafe, pharmacies, judicial assistance, police, firemen, a big secondary school, hairdressers, indeed many hairdressers.

There are sport and game clubs like fencing, gliding, canoeing, arching, hunting, fishing etc.

So much to see and to enjoy, so do come down and enjoy it all with us.

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The ringroad follows the old medieval bounderies.

Bar-sur-Aube has been built on a multitude of

vaulted cellars.

The lovely river Aube with its 2 barrages flows